A new path for Playspace

Playspace is now part of Google Workspace.

Born of necessity, Playspace is a pandemic baby. Prior to lockdown, our team (together since the days of Mailbox) relied on the use of physical space as a container for creative energy. When work moved remote and conference rooms and whiteboards gave way to cameras and screens, we lost the joy of in-person co-creation.

At the time our focus was on Navigator, but before we could resume work on it we had to fix our own work-together problem. What emerged is Playspace, a tool we love working in almost as much as being in the same room.

Since offering a handful of teams preview access in April, we've been hard at work preparing to take Playspace to the rest of the world—excited about what we've built but also aware that the world around us continues to change at an unprecedented rate.

Along the way we learned about what Javier and the Workspace team are up to at Google. It sounded more than a little exciting: here was a widely adopted platform, built atop one of the world's most advanced tech stacks, ready and eager to evolve to meet the needs of remote collaboration. Google Workspace aims to be a key platform for teamwork in our new hybrid world, and seeks to pave the way with collaborative tools that just work. Javier invited us to be part of their journey in building solutions for the hybrid future of work — and the opportunity has us positively giddy.

So, we're going to pause Playspace for now and get to work bringing it to life as an experience within Google Workspace. Access to Playspace will be turned off on September 9, 2021, and all data will be wiped (if you’re an active user, watch for an email about exporting your data).

For us this is a dream come true: a chance to envision ever-more delightful tools and experiences on top of a platform that already has incredible reach and influence.

Thank you for all the help so far and please stay tuned…